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January 1st ...22 days late.

A couple of pics from the 4th Annual New Year's Day Gay Car Fans Social.

 photo Nov42013012b.jpg

 photo Nov42013014b.jpg


Wonderful photos of Vancouver during our latest extended foggy spell.


A remastered Lost in Space!

Michael Joyce sent this information after talking to Kevin Burns.
Space Productions'
attempt to get Lost in Space remastered and re-released for the 50th
anniversary (2015).

The big news is that Space Productions has completed the remastering of
all episodes! They did this "on their on nickle" without help from FOX
using the same . "Transfer of original 35mm film elements to HDCamSR
was performed by Illuminate in Burbank, CA. Digital audio restoration
from original magnetic sound elements performed by Sound Services, inc.,
Los Angeles, CA."

Now they need fans to help convince FOX that there is enough interest to
warrant a release.

Kevin passed along this HD restoration test link: (Be sure to set to Full Screen and 1080P
when viewing it for full effect!)

Please leave your comments on the youtube page.

They are looking for input on:

Aspect ratio
DVD vs Blue Ray
Bonus features (cast commentary, Lost in Space Forever, etc.)
Anything else you can think of.

I have one comment on Aspect Ratio. My first thought was that I would
like the original 4:3 ratio because I did not want to loose a bit "off
the top and bottom". BUT consider this. The new scans of the the
original negative actually are larger in frame than what was seen on
TV. So when the format is changed to wide screen (16:9) we do loose a
bit off the original top and bottom (but not as much as you would
expect) and we actually GAIN some new image on the sides that was not
seen on TV (or the DVD set). Additionally, the final resolution of the
image in 16:9 is a bit better than 4:3 and this might allow for seeing
even more details on items in frame.

Traffic Jam part 11

A trip in time, the Skytrain route between Waterfront Station (downtown) to New Westminster, a comparison of the route and the scenery from the opening in 1986 (remember Expo '86?)to present day.

Also, pix from the last car show in Mission.


Traffic Jam....part 9

The Scene:

Luxury car weekend event at beautiful Van Dusen Gardens.

Exotic cars.....wallets fatter than a Big Mac....pretty women trying to stay aloft on stilettos......

When it's time to go.....

Then, less than one block later.....(behind a cut, if you don't like CARnage....)

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Another day, another sun burn.

Ladner 2012 Car Show & Quilt Walk. (No quilts were harmed in the making of this photo album.)

More photos here.... Enjoy!

BTW...the little orange and black sports car is a Fiat Barchetta.



Share It Maybe



(Best way to get her to sit still is to provide a bundle of toasty warm just-out-of-the-dryer laundry.)


Traffic Jam part 8

Some of you already know just how weird and wonderful many French cars can be. This article shows you just how weird some of them can get.

If that is too scary for you, let me suggest a quick trip on le grand prix de traffique cercle. Enjoy!

For all the Moms

She's gone.

After a long fight. Man did she fight! It's not easy to come back from a devastating opportunistic infection like c.difficile. Her determination I credit she got from our mother. After a year's long battle, everything seemed to be on a slow road to recovery with periodic dialysis visits. Then just the other day, she had a setback and was airlifted to the major hospital in Concord, New Hampshire. She passed peacefully without pain. I am glad for that.

In the time after her long hospital stay, she was able to make short trips, rides on the back of a borrowed motorcycle (my sister, the biker babe). Even a short jaunt where she was able to drive her own beloved Mini.

She was an independant businesswoman. Had her own shop named "Home Grown Dry Goods" re-making used clothing (a byproduct of her hippie years I guess) then a small concern making children's clothes, then selling vintage books on eBay.

Judith (Judy) Anne Wallace
July 9, 1946 - April 29, 2012

Love you babe!



(PS, my thanks to the guys who sent messages after my last post, it was deeply appreciated.)


Traffic Jam part 7

The genus clockal automobilus.....

I think that is what he said.

A change in venue from last year's Easter vintage car gathering. That event was cancelled in a miasma of merchants association cost cutting. So we're off to trendy Oakridge Mall for a gathering then drive to the seaside.


Gidget is ready to go, want to come along?

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Traffic Jam part 6

"The Nullarbor"

(Just what in the hell are those blokes driving...?)

Traffic Jam part 5

"Always drive decisively."


I finds rock that fall from sky. Taste like cat-nip. I trade for noms....



Gigi sez:

"Is it noms time naow?"